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To best possible keep our working relationships starting off with as much as possible of the vital informations that we need, please fill ut the fields in the form below.

There is no need to fill out all of them, but as you see it is pretty much more questions that needed to be answer before building or rebuilding a website, than many often are familiarized with. So the questionnaire also works like a brainstorming activator.

We sincerely hope that you can add in as much as possible, by just simply clicking into each field after reading the text, and share your input. Long or short doesnt matter, just do you best and we are very happy with that. Write in your own language.

Note: None of the fields is required except your name and email so we can recognize you. If you want to fill out the form in a word document and the send it to us on a mail, you can download it by clicking here,

Thank you VERY much for filling out this questionnaire that we now have recieved.

We will get back to you shortly!

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