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Best Steps and Tips for Creating a Business Email

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

In today's world, when a significant portion of communication with clients is done through email and newsletters, your professional online image strongly depends on having a customized business email. After setting up your corporate website, you also use the domain name in your email, instead of the one generated by default on services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

A corporate email account will send a strong signal to the target market that you are a well-established brand, in addition to helping to increase opening rates since they know who you are. Learn how to create a corporate email in this four-step tutorial and gain insight into the best steps to create the perfect one.

What is a corporate email address?

A corporate email address is a custom email address that uses the company's domain name. All types of businesses can benefit from using business email addresses. For example, the corporate email unites with both your website and your domain name (, and conveys the idea that yours is official and reliable, as opposed to a generic one ( that everyone can make.

The main reason for getting a corporate email address is so that customers can easily identify your business, thus increasing the credibility and marketing of your brand. That said, customers and other businesses are more likely to rely on a professional email account, which they can use to find their corporate website for more information.

In addition, when you or your employees send emails with an address with your company name, customers can be assured that they can safely open the content and print replies when they need to be in direct contact with you.

How to create a corporate email

  1. Build a professional website

  2. Register your domain

  3. Set up your custom email address

  4. Access your personal mailbox

01. Build a professional website

A crucial step in starting a business is to create your website. Whether you want to showcase your work, offer your services or sell your products, your website is where customers expect to find you. Remember that a great website is able to help you manage and fulfill several functions - marketing, online store and communication center - all of which are necessary to be able to run a business online.

If you have not already built an online presence, you can start by choosing from one of these professionally designed website templates, which can be completely customized to suit the brand's mood and message. All websites created on Wix are also mobile friendly. Furthermore, you can communicate with visitors on the go using the Wix Mobile App, which lets you engage with clients and run your website from your portable device.

Check out some tips on how to create a business website to ensure that yours is built to leave a lasting impression.

02. Register your domain

As a business owner, it is a rational choice to use your business name as a domain name so that customers can easily find you. With a lot depending on what you call your business, it is always a good thing to get expert help from a company name generator to put you on the right track.

Your domain name also plays an important role in your site's credibility, which is an important part of customer retention. Therefore, take some time to go through it and ask yourself if it is in line with your brand as well. Whatever you decide on for your domain name will also be assigned to your custom business email address.

Before registering your choice, make sure it is available by doing a domain name search. After claiming your own, it's time to link to your site.

03. Set up your custom email address

Once your website and domain name have been set up, the next step in getting a corporate email is purely elementary. Start by choosing the number of email addresses you want, their usernames and the subscription plan to suit all your business needs with Wix. Or you can simply link an existing corporate email that was purchased elsewhere to the new one.

If you manage a company with several employees, you can give each one a custom e-mail address, such as and In this same mindset, if your business has multiple departments, you can create separate accounts for each one, such as and - all of which work to strengthen your brand.

04. Access your personal mailbox

Finally, you have a custom email address. From now on, every newsletter or sales confirmation email you send out to your customers will showcase your brand. Not only will this increase your reputation as a professional, but also help you share your professional and personal lives better by having two separate accounts. On top of this, you will feel an overwhelming pride when you see an email tagged with your own company name.

As you may already know, the right email client will open the door to a new world of professional solutions that your business requires. With Wix and G Suite, you get access to all the tools needed to run any corporate email account. Consider the following points below:

Access from anywhere, anytime: Access your data and work documents anytime, from anywhere on any device. You can also share access to your work documents with your colleagues and clients for a smooth and real-time collaboration experience.

As many email addresses as you want: Create an unlimited number of email addresses, all hosted under the same domain. In this way, each of your employees or departments (sales, support, info and IT) can operate from their own mailbox: sales @ haileyfashion. com,, etc. Even if you are running a one-person show, it is better to create a partition between the different roles that your customers will interact with - for example, sending sales invoices from another email address than that for customer support-related issues.

Secure storage: Using a personal G Suite account comes with plenty of storage space - 30 GB. And you will enjoy automatic comprehensive security and full admin controls.

Note your mailbox: Because consistency should be inherent in your business, you will be able to take things up another professional notch. For example, after creating your own logo, you can build it into your custom mailbox.

24/7 customer support: Whether you have a burning question at 2am or in the middle of the workday, you will be able to find all the help you need at any time. Both G Suite and Wix offer 24/7 support.

Good Practices When Creating A Business Email Address

As you go through the steps in creating our Business Email Guide, keep in mind some of the best ways to create your own.

  • Use a standard format across corporate emails. Whether you are a company with one, many or expect to hire as you grow, you will maintain a consistent format for every business email account created along the way. Decide early on which style is best for your business. Included among a number of options are the use of first name alone (, first name and last name initial ( or the full first and last name ( Sticking to one format will make it easier for anyone who wants to contact specific areas of your business, as well as those from within.

  • Have email addresses for each department. Although you may have built relationships with customers based on personal names, using generic names to identify specific departments in a company helps facilitate communication between your customers and sales, customer service, info and more. As mentioned earlier, you can create multiple email accounts across your business.

  • Add an email signature. This text is added to the end of an email containing important contact information, including a phone number and job title. A professional email signature will sometimes include a logo or other type of content related to a brand or person's online presence, such as links to social media accounts.

  • Secure your email. A proper email client will enable advanced protection against phishing and malicious software that is necessary for any online business. Gmail displays alerts and identifies to move untrusted or malicious emails to the spam folder. It is important that you are on top of mailbox security to keep all aspects of your business and clients protected.

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