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7 impressive websites of illustrators who will inspire you

If you could be anything in the world, what would it be? If you ask me, I would be an illustrator. Why? Simply put, artists have the unique ability to take the wildest thoughts that come to mind and manifest that idea into a fantastic work of art! … And meanwhile I struggle to draw stick figures with even elongated arms and legs ¯ \ _ (ツ) __ / ¯.

Since I'm not bound by creative boundaries in the real world, I was curious to know how an illustrator creates a website and what it would look like. Would the cold parameters of a computer screen enhance the beauty of their works, or would the combined elements of digital and hand-drawn create a modern masterpiece? Well, I'll not keep you excited much longer! Read on to discover almost a dozen examples of illustrator websites - * spoiler alert, they are absolutely amazing.

Ana Duje

Ana, originally from Argentina, is now a proud Barcelona-based artist with a "less is more" approach to her work. This illustrator and graphic designer combines strong colors with bold yet simple shapes to form her signature style on this illustrator site. Fans of Ana's art can easily buy prints from her website thanks to the incorporation of an online store.

Annie Ryan

Annie Ryan is a graphic image creator / illustrator who creates art using mixed media. For her website, Annie lets her art do most of the conversation. For her illustration portfolio, she chose a single-pager that stylishly shows her work both in an image gallery and as the website's background using a parallax scroll effect.

Tailor-made pets

What would your pet look like if they got up for work like the rest of us? Would they wear a pair of work boots, or would they wear a nice Chanel suit? Sarah Zimmer creates custom pet portraits for her clients that show just that. The gallery on her illustrator's website beautifully shows what Sparky and friends would look like if they were a little lighter on animal instincts - and perhaps more business savvy.


The Lisbon-based illustrator, Espirro, calls his artistic style "a combination of nonsense and common sense" - which also happens to be my favorite thing. Espirro is not tied to one medium, and shows his drawings on everything you can think of, including clothes (for humans and dogs), home decor, and you can even make an appointment to get a tattoo of your favorite piece. Having so many campaign options could easily have ended up being an organizational nightmare, but Espirro does a great job of keeping the site clean and easy to navigate by separating each project category with a drop-down menu.

Olivia Mabrey

Olivia can describe herself as an illustrator and "photographer", but between you and me I think she is modest. Her illustrator website proudly boasts an artist who is full of versatility, including: beautiful pattern work, humorous graphic posters, prints, photography and work with mixed media. All this and more is stylishly presented in slideshow galleries separated by category on her website.

Travis Brown

Love music? Prepare to be blown away by Travis Braun. This illustrator and teacher creates music posters full of hidden meanings and Easter eggs that make them super fun for fans to experience. Anyone who wants to learn more about Travis' work can read all about what inspired him to make posters for some of the world's biggest bands on the blog of his website.

Ilpo Rybatzki-Tiensivu

This Helsinki-based art educator mixes reality and imagination by scattering funny drawings all over his illustrator website. Ilpo's website is a true artist, showcasing a range of talents, including: designs, illustrations and even original music using a beautifully built-in Vimeo player.

Freddy Fix borrowed from Wix

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