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5 types of videos every business needs on their website

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should definitely be worth a trillion. Online video content has recently skyrocketed, accounting for 80% of all Internet traffic in 2017. Why? Because video increases the conversion and engagement rate more than any other content. Whether you have an e-commerce store, a local gym or a freelance photo business, adding a video to your site can help turn visitors into enthusiastic customers. Also, if you watch your 3-year-old nephew stuck in front of his favorite channel on YouTube, you will understand something crucial about videos: they are captivating. In fact, visitors will stay an average of 2 minutes longer on your site if it has a video on it. Google's algorithms will love this extra time and will reward you with a better ranking in page results on search engines (also known as search engine optimization or SEO).

Engagement, conversion and SEO: it seems we are holding the magic wand to market your business online. Two questions should come to mind now. The first, "How can I display videos on my site?" Glad you asked, for lucky for you, we recently released Wix Video, the best tool for viewing, sharing and selling videos right from your site. The second question, "what type of videos should I use?" Sure, you can put your favorite George Michael hit; it may satisfy the ears - and hips - of the visitors, but we are not sure that the effect will be as great on your sales. What you need are professional videos that talk about your brand, products / services or customers.

Good news! You do not have to mortgage your home to make it happen. We have five video ideas you can easily create for free. More and more small businesses are using them on their website, with great success. Now it's your turn! Just take your smartphone, have a cup of coffee and follow the guidelines we have prepared for you.

A certificate video

What is more compelling than a satisfied user? You guessed it, a happy user who says it in front of a camera. Think about it. When looking for a product or service on the Internet before making a purchase, always browse through the comments or reviews left by other customers. This is why most good sites dedicate an entire section to testimonials from their satisfied audience. Very often it comes in the form of a few lines of text and a picture of the user. Take this good practice to the next level by filming and uploading certificate videos. Seeing and hearing customers talk about their personal experience with your brand can only promote credibility and help build trust for newcomers.

So how do you go about filming a specific certificate? First of all, find as many users as you can, by contacting your community on Facebook or by sending out an invitation to your email list. Once you have cast the "actors", make sure you have prepared them by sending them a list of questions in advance of the meeting. You will not leave this to improvisation, since you are looking for specific aspects to say about your brand. The interviewees should tell the audience who they are, how they found your business and what specific value the product / service gave them (how it improved their lives, saved them money, etc.). On movie day, make the customer feel as comfortable as possible, this helps when trying to capture real feelings and personal stories, since these parts are generally most engaging to the viewers.

At the end of the interview, show some gratitude to your customer by offering them a free treat, some product samples or even a coupon. Then edit your video - it should be 1 to 2 minutes long if it shows one customer, and up to 3 minutes if you go for a mash-up. When you are done, you simply need to include the certificate video on your website with Wix Video!

A team or company presentation video

Also known as the "About Us Video" or "Corporate Culture Video", it portrays your loved ones (yes, your team!) In a lively and engaging way. The main goal? Increase the identification of your brand by showing the real people behind it all. It is a well-known fact: consumers relate more to a face, voice and name than to a packaged product. This is why most small businesses include an About page on their website. The problem is that they tend to look too much alike, with standardized descriptions and boring images of "too-serious-to-be-real" team members. A video can serve as a great (and inexpensive) option.

The video will have a greater effect if it shows your team as unified while allowing everyone's personality to stand out. In other words, you need to vary the sequence of each one (or at least some of them, if you have a large group), with sections where we see everyone working together. If you operate alone, do not reject the format completely: you can make a short film of yourself in different situations (holding class, meeting customers, taking pictures, etc.) and expressing your motto. Finally, no matter the size of your business, the tone of the message should be the same: warm, welcoming and convey your passion for your work and your community. If you can demonstrate some kind of humor along the way, it will not hurt either!

The length? Up to 2-3 minutes. Once the video is edited, add some nice background music and upload the final file to your site using Wix Video.

A product demonstration video

It is essentially a guide about your product. The video should explain what it is and what it is worth, if you are aiming for new customers. You can also target experienced users and tell them about a new or specific feature. In either case, showing how efficient, smart and user-friendly your product can only improve your conversion rate. In fact, visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. But that is not the only benefit. A product video is far less boring to read (and write) than a long text about "what", "why" and "how" in your offer. On top of that, there is some nice content that will animate your site.

In the video, you should view your product from all possible angles. You need to pay extra attention to the light here, as poor lighting can ruin even the most beautiful product. Provide as many statistics as you can to convince the viewer (dimensions, price, return on investment, etc.). Remember: people love numbers - as long as they do not have to solve equations! Do not hesitate to show why your product is better than the competition. In a nutshell: Be as informative as possible, and if you can, add a touch of fun or creativity to ensure visitors' full attention. In terms of format, you can go for a classic movie by someone trying out your product, or for something more unique.

Regardless of the topic, the video should be 1 to 2 minutes long, to transmit all the information without boring the viewers. When ready, publish it on YouTube, Facebook and on the home page of your website using Wix Video.

In Facebook Live

No need to be shy, Facebook is all about looking at… well, your face. Since last year, a new feature has taken over the social network number 1: Live videos. The principle is quite simple: Users now have the ability to record videos from smartphones (or computers) and broadcast them in real time to the community. Since "community" rhymes with "business opportunity", more and more small businesses and freelancers have jumped on this new bandwagon to engage users and increase brand awareness. And they're right, since Facebook gives Live content a boost of organic reach and greater chances of engagement.

There is absolutely no limit to a Facebook Live. You can take a tour of your offices, a question / answer session, a sneak peek at your next product or even an unlikely ice melting session (as we did here, at Wix). You have total freedom, and in fact, the more unusual your life is, the greater the chance that it will be in the eyes of the good Facebook people. Experiment and think about content you want to watch on your own news feed. Whatever the final idea, remember that a Live is a great forum to interact with your customers. Throughout your video, invite them to comment and make sure you respond to them all (you can hire an assistant, your husband or anyone for that). Last tip: before you go live, do not forget to create a nice caption (the description above the video) to optimize your chances of having real viewers.

In terms of length, longer is actually better. Every extra second is a chance to hook a new viewer - so do not be cheap in time. To fully optimize your effect, broadcast Facebook Live directly on your website with Wix Video - yes, you can too!

A blog video

Starting a blog is great for your small business, in every possible way. You establish yourself as an expert, grow a loyal community and increase your site's SEO. So why not start now? Maybe you have a case of writer's block, or simply because you do not see how you can stand out in the crowd - given the high density of blogs in the 2.0 universe. Don't worry anymore: this is where a good blog video can come in handy.

Just like a regular blog post, you will prove your knowledge in your field, analyze market trends and provide valuable tips to your community - while promoting your offer along the way. The great thing about blog videos is that you do not have to follow a specific format. Most of the time, "vloggers" (or video bloggers) film themselves in a closed room using their phone or computer camera. If you have the skills and resources, you can also do some editing and add animations, lyrics, music and more. But remember: the most important thing here is what you have to say, not how you present it. Do you need some inspiration? See how millennials (and proud Wix users) Brit & Bren spread their tips with beautifully crafted vlogs.

When it comes to length, the same principle applies: flexibility. A blog video should not be shorter than 2 minutes; if it's over 10 minutes, you can schedule even your hardcore fans to get bored. Record videos regularly (once a week, two weeks, month) and upload them to your blog with a click of Wix Video.

Freddy Fix borrowed from Wix

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