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12 ways a video can complement your web design

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Logo? Check. parallax effect? Check. Social media bar? Check and check! Thanks to Wix, you can create a website that is not only visually appetizing, but also enriched with the most advanced web design trends. It only took a few simple clicks to add them - and the best? Your knowledge of technology or design was not a factor. However, you may still be missing one important element: video.

In recent years, video has become the most effective online marketing tool. Also, it is a valuable web design element that you simply need to include on your website with Wix Video to create eye-catching and visual dynamics. Easier said than done? Let's take a look at these 12 inspiring Wix sites so you can learn how to get the most out of videos too.

Alexandra Ella

You may not know her name, but you've probably seen her mischievous face on the screen. Alexandra Ella is one of the actresses from the award-winning Mad Men series - which may explain where she found the inspiration for the fantastic vintage design of her Wix website. To present her (many) skills, she chose to go for a mash-up collection of her most memorable scenes. Her glorious features? That clip is shown directly below her contact and social pages, which ensures that talent scouts and film directors do not have to scroll to order her for a recording!

John Lovett

Always dreamed of taking art classes with the best? Last time we checked, Picasso is not really active on Instagram. But it's John Lovett. This Australian artist works with oils, watercolors and mixed media, and he has created unique teaching techniques that he shows on his website with Wix Video. River scenery, still water, waterfront reflections and more: you can learn how to make them all by watching his videos in 10 to 15 minutes, which are available online. Reminder - when uploading your own video: include a short text description that accompanies each video for optimal SEO effect.

Positive Paula TV

Paula Deen is a celebrity chef and well-known TV host. She has published many books and even more videos in which she treats her American audience to delicious meals. On top of her abundant activities, she recently launched a web series. The various episodes, which she sells on her website (100% commission free), provide an intimate insight into the chef's life, in the highest quality. A tip you should take from this formidable businesswoman? Her online store logo, which you can see (and click) at any time while watching the video. Crucially, since a good video can increase your conversion by 80%!

LACHSA film art

"In souls, noble bravery is not dependent on age," wrote the French playwright Corneille in Le Cid. You will understand how true this statement is when you visit the website of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). This breeding ground trains tomorrow's sophisticated storytellers and camera geniuses - some of whom have already filmed a commercial for Apple while attending school! Naturally, with such a calling, you expect videos to be everywhere on their site. But in fact you are wrong. The school made the brilliant move to show its videos in only one place, but in a prime location; the top part of their website.

Stephanie West

If you were the video guru for top-class fashion brands like Revlon, Maybelline and Alexander Wang, you would expect to have excellent taste; Stephanie West is no exception. Assuming that only raw jeans can highlight a pair of lush shoes, she chose a very simple design - a white website background without text. This really makes her videos stand out. On the road to fame online, no fashion-faux pas will be tolerated!

Hannah Jacobs

Hannah Jacobs is a British animator and illustrator. Her films have been screened at the most prestigious festivals, including SXSW and Tribeca, and she has worked for clients such as VICE, Vogue and Harvard. Finally, Hannah recently chose Wix to create one of the sweetest and most advanced online portfolios we've seen so far. But let's stop the name dropping and let her videos speak for themselves. With animated thumbnails that lead to the complete videos placed right on her website, you get a sneak peek right at her talent on arrival.

The Brit & Bren Show

Brit and Bren are two bright bairns (try to say it fast!). Following the success of their YouTube channel, they recently launched a blog where, among inspired beauty and lifestyle tips, they share their thoughts on common topics for most teens - from (gay) sexuality to resistance to bullying, to the impact of new technology. As smart millennials, they know how to include all kinds of content, including images from Wix images and of course video. In fact, many of their articles are actually "vlogs" (video blogs), where you can see the two friends talking about this and that. Make a short video and send it to your customers / subscribers to build a loyal community? Another ingenious idea from Brit & Bren, which you should definitely learn from.

Diego teaches

Eva Mendez, David Bowie, Olivia Palermo, Richard Gere ... Diego Uchitel has portrayed the most iconic stars of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is also extremely talented when he switches the camera to "movie" mode. He took a series of enchanting fashion clips that he shows on his online portfolio in a particular section. In order for the visitors to enjoy them to the fullest, he chose the "Strip" layout of Wix Video. This layout allows the viewer to access the rest of the channel through thumbnail videos displayed below the main video. Quality or quantity: why choose when you can have both?

KisaKe's production

KisaKes is a production company based in Turkey. These super active and trendy people make tons of different videos and they want their site to represent them all. To do so, without overloading the design, they did something smart: they divided their website into different strips, each showing a different type of film (commercials, viral videos, etc.). This way, visitors can get a glimpse of the entire collection by scrolling down with the mouse or finger. This is an extremely creative way to get away from the standard web site background and dare to be different. Bonus: the stripes are completely responsive, giving a perfect look to every screen and device!