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10 Viral Wix artists from around the world

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Every artist deserves their place in the spotlight! Wix is ​​proud to offer our talented community the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces to the world through their online portfolios and websites. It is a special moment for us when we discover that one of our own becomes an internet sensation. We can not help but feel like a proud mother bear cheering on her young baby. And just like any mother would, we want to share their talent with everyone we know.

Here are 10 Wix artists from around the world who achieved the unpredictable, yet exciting world of virality. As you read, you can get inspiration so you can create your own website and become the freelance artist you have always dreamed of being.

01. Mitchel Wu

The American photographer Mitchel Wu is guaranteed to ignite the child in all of us with his toy photography. Wu's incredible imagination breathes life into your favorite characters.

02. Yehuda DeVir

Israeli artist Yehuda DeVir created a series of digital illustrations depicting both herself and his wife in the form of a cartoon. The couple is depicted in ultra-related scenes such as the wife getting dirty in the kitchen for a simple bowl of cereal, her desire for endless coziness and he reveals the truth about how long it actually takes to get ready for a night out.

03. Francois Dourlen

French artist Francois Dourlen seamlessly exchanges images from his phone for real-life scenarios. What started as a joke was clearly just the beginning of these creatively thought out images and videos that perfectly blend reality and fiction.

04. Papirfly

Creative studio, with Featuring in collaboration with various artists, transformed various warplanes into magnificent paper airplane creations. With their core idea centralized around merging artists, they have chosen to sell art online in collaboration with UNICEF and donate a portion of their profits.

05. Geert Weggen

Notice of overload of sweetness! The Swedish nature photographer Geert Weggen has captured the wild squirrels (and our hearts!) Playing around his home. And if it could not be sweeter, Geert sets up props that the squirrels can play with while he snaps away.

06. Cassie Swirls

We can all learn a thing or two from five-year-old Australian Cassie. The adorable artist shows off his love of painting galaxies (from far, far away). If her age and talent were not impressive enough, Cassie has donated over $ 750 from her sales to charity. Did we mention: she's only five ?!

07. Karl Fitzgerald

This is London like you've never seen it before. Illustrator Karl Fitzgerald walks through picturesque areas of Spitalfields, Portobello Road and iconic Notting Hill. It's clear that we were not the only ones who fell in love with Karl's creations: check out his feature on Bored Panda.

08. Maria Florian

Maria Florian is a children's book illustrator who combines the love of animals and watercolors. Originally from Greece, Maria graduated with a degree in art. Her pictures are really captivating and her signature style can be seen throughout her work.

09. Janelia Mold

Janelia Mold, born in South Africa, is a self-taught conceptual photographer who describes her work as a journey of self-discovery. In this series called: Melancholy - a girl named Depression, Mold explores how depression affects those who suffer from it. The results are incredibly beautiful!

10. Camila Fontenele

The 26-year-old Brazilian photographer and visual artist Camila Fontenele has channeled everyone's Frida Kahlo in a series with appropriate names: Everyone Can Be Frida. Camila praises Frida's strength, unique and her courage to experiment and be different. The inspiring project already has 6,000 people dressed as the iconic figure.

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