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Online solution for hotels and accomodations

Welcome your guests with a beautiful website. We build for you on an all-in-one online booking platform that will revolutionize how you satisfy and process your guest requests. Whether you have a Bed & Breakfast, apartment, boutique hotel or are a holiday rental company, you can manage all aspects of your business and let your guests make reservations directly on your website

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We set up a great website with all the features you need that reflect a unique presentation of your company, guide you in the booking system, connect to payment methods, integrate external booking channels and make you visible in Google.

You can, among other things:


✓ Set different prices as seasonal so that your prices match the demand.


✓ Manage your reservations


✓ Accept payments - Commission free. Everything is yours. Keep 100% of your income. No fees to external actors.


✓ Provide a seamless ordering experience directly on your website - from desktop or mobile.

✓ Offers multilingual reservation options so all guests can book easily.


✓ Your guests will automatically receive a friendly email as soon as they book a room.


✓ Sync all your reservations from over 80 booking channels with the Channel Manager powered by HotelRunner.


✓ Easily import reservations from Airbnb, Homeeaway and Google Calendars.

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