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Online solution for musicians

Welcome your audience with a beautiful website. We build for you on an all-in-one online platform that will revolutionize how you interact with your audience. You can manage all aspects of your business, and let your audience listen to songs and albums, buy these for download, you can present your tour calendar, create a unique online community and sell merchandise. You will receive training in the use of the system and we set up all marketing and financial systems so that you can concentrate on presenting the best possible music.

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We set up a great website with all the features you need that reflect a unique presentation of your company, guide you in the booking system, connect to payment methods, integrate external booking channels and make you visible in Google.

✓ We upload your music and customize your music player


✓  View your albums, tracks and playlists with a fully customizable music player.


✓ Sell ​​your music


✓ Let fans listen, share and buy your music directly from your site - no commission to external.

✓ Get advanced statistics on the visit to your website.


✓ See which songs are played the most, shared, bought and downloaded.


✓ Everything you need to manage your music career directly from your website.

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