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Online solution for artists and organizers

Welcome your guests with a beautiful website. We build for you on an all-in-one online booking platform that will revolutionize how you satisfy and process your guest requests. For your event, you can manage all aspects through the solution. Great for meetings, conferences, concerts, sporting events, parties, weddings and more. Both in the physical and virtual reality.

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We set up a great website with all the features you need that reflect a unique presentation of your company, guide you in the booking system, connect to payment methods, integrate external booking channels and make you visible in Google.

 ✓ Hold and showcase your event online


✓ Sell ​​tickets and collect answers

✓ Manage events on the go and register guests with your own mobile app.


✓ Expand your community - let guests interact and network

✓ Get answers from attendees to personal events such as weddings and parties

✓ Get paid with the most well-known credit cards and choose a payment provider, such as Vipps, PayPal and Stripe, among others

✓ Track your bookings, see who's coming and managing guest lists

✓ Give coupons, share your event on social media and use advanced marketing tools -


✓ Scan tickets or register guests manually at the door - from any mobile device


✓ Let the participants see who is coming to events and let them network with each other


✓Export ticket bookings and guest lists to get information about your event

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